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One Deliver Group

Is a Czechoslovakian company founded in 2009. It was created based on founder´s decision to develop independent brands: One Deliver Group, AVEC trade.

Since 1990, its founders have been active on the field of human resources management and they deal with employment issues.

  1. One Deliver Group mediation of employees and selection of employees in Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.
  2. AVEC trade supplies of works and work performances for production enterprises in Czech republic and in Slovak republic.

Based on corporate strategy, every brand is responsible for creating its own value chain and has market-oriented management and own organizational arrangements.

Company´s history

2004 - vznik spoločnosti GOFOK v Slovenskej republike formation of GOFOK company in Slovak republic. Providing of personal service, active cooperation with receiving workforce, personal recruitment proposals, personal audit.

2009 - vznik českej spoločnosti One deliver group formation of Czech company One Deliver Group. Realization of personal selection for employers, where the common goal is achieve satisfaction of need of human resources for acceptable cost items and creating tailor-made campaign for recruitment for required jobs.

2016 - Rename of company Gofok to One Deliver Group based on building a business strategy, increased number of business players in labor market and also in turbulent period, company´s leadership made a decision to present through one brand in Czech Republic and Slovak republic. They decided to change this challenges to opportunities and apply their own creativity and strong innovation skills in providing its services to all clients - companies and to applicants for the job.


The company´s ability to continually improve distinguishes winners from their followers. There is no receipt for success. There is one aspect connecting successful people: they want to learn how to do something, they want to know, how to solve the problem, how to improve process...Sometime it requires huge effort and tough decisions.

Company´s vision

The company intends to provide individual solutions for customers and for employees, it wants to provide permanent bonuses and benefits.

Company´s values

Partnership, cooperation, openness, communication, reliability, innovativeness, enthusiasm.