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Currency in Great Britain |

The pound has one hundred cents. The British pound rate is in the range 0.88 = 1 EURO. You can exchange money in the bank without any problems. Banks are usually open from half a ten to half a fifth, and in larger centers they are open even over the weekend.

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Kristína B.,13.09.2016,

,,...Your company is very helpful. Your employees are very kind, nice and communicative and they have always helped me and answer all my questions. As a big plus is that they cared about my feelings even after I came to UK, they have sent an email and ask me if I am satisfied with work, and if everything is fine. I also recommend agency to my friends and some of the have come to UK and work with me, what is really great. I have never had any problems with them. Be cautious about TRS UK, they are irresponsible, they cannot arrange anything, everything takes them long time, even for a small change about my basic information in system it took them 2 months and it caused lot of problems in my work. When you are asking them about something they usually do not know the answer. They should learn from your company""