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At the pharmacies in Britain, you can get medicine with prescription and also those without prescription, and you can also receive professional healthcare advice. If you are taking medicines regularly, we recommend traveling with a prescription from a doctor who clearly determines their type and use. Pharmacies are mostly open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm ...

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Peter B.,23.06.2017,

...,,Hello, I am feeling fine, because I have been here before, so there is no cultural shock for me. About accommodation I am satisfied mostly with location, we are living in so called „hotel“. Furniture in room is standard, but I would like to have good cook, even though because of size of the room it is not possible. I think that this accommodation is not suitable for long-term living, but there is a possibility to move into share-house. But for me the advantage is that is located near workplace. Work in New Look is the same as in any different warehouse. 11 hours on your feet and you are doing the same routine work, that is mostly not unattractive for Pakistanies, at least it is well-paid job. About management of New Look and their approach to me it is very poor. When I have asked for transfer for a different warehouse within the same brand, they rejected me, with some unimportant phrases. I will send you photos later, but I can recommended warmly to future candidates...""